Butter Girl Baking

Courtesy of buttergirlbaking.com

I’m a huge fan of all things local. I dropped by the Whole Foods last Thursday, not even remembering that the Medford Farmers’ Market was being held that day. Though I was in a hurry to get to an Intervals class at Healthworks in Cambridge, I decided to take a stroll through. It was pretty standard fare, all looking delicious, until I got to the Butter Girl Baking tent.

Laurelyn Roberts owns her one-woman show after quitting her job for Swarovski to start a baking company. She does an assortment of cookies and brownies, and I bought a package of sugar cookies and chocolate chip (no nuts!) cookies, which I have already completely consumed in the last two days. I can honestly say that her chocolate chip cookies are the best I’ve ever bought (the best ever award still goes to my sister for her homemade ones!).

She’ll put together custom orders for parties, and she’ll even do gift boxes as presents (which I highly recommend and plan on getting for Christmas this year). Check out her wares at buttergirlbaking.com and some of my pictures below.



  1. Thank you so much for you kibd and generous comments.

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