‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Top 10 Performances

I’ve watched “So You Think You Can Dance” for quite a while now, and though it isn’t exactly quality television, it is one of two reality shows that I actually follow. I haven’t been the biggest fan of this season, because there’s been a couple of instances where the judges got rid of dancers they shouldn’t have (Iveta and Nick, Clarice), but I’ve always wanted to be the one to pick the finale’s dances where each judge gets to say which dance was their favorite all season. So, for tonight’s finale episode where the winner is decided, I’ve put together a little top ten of my favorite performances all season.

10. Jordan and Tadd’s Hip Hop (Top 16) — The top 16 episode was probably the all-around best all season, even though it was right after the poorly thought-out double elimination. The Tabitha and Napoleon routines have not been up to par this season, but this one was where they broke loose and had a lot of fun. You could tell that Tadd and Jordan were having fun doing it, and the use of the bed was extremely creative (as their props often have not been.)

9. Sasha and Ricky’s Waacking (Top 6) — One of my major critiques of the show is that they use the same choreographers and types of dance, and if one type of dance fails on the first try, they never try it again. I’m worried that’s what will happen with waacking, and though I’ve never heard of it before, I actually really enjoyed it. It played to Sasha’s strengths as a dancer with her beautiful limbs, and it was a lot of fun. I’m surprised the judges didn’t like it more, but they seem to have a knee-jerk negative reaction to anything new.

8. Ryan and Ricky’s Jazz (Top 14) — Ryan and Ricky were not my favorite couple of the year, and I thought they should’ve went home long before they did. However, this jazz routine by Charles Klapow was my favorite of the night. I thought the costumes were great, and Ryan and Ricky really got into character the way you have to with this kind of jazz-Broadway hybrid.

7. Lauren and Marko’s Contemporary (Top 4) — This routine was the second-best of the night. Anything Lauren Froderman I love — she’s by far in the top three All Stars — but this really took contemporary dancing to a new level on the show. I’m so sick of the Mandy Moore way of contemporary dancing, with ’80s songs and the girls throwing themselves into the guys’ arms. This was beautifully danced, but also original, with touches of African dance thrown in there. I’m always impressed by something truly original, and this was it.

6. Marko and Chelsie’s Samba (Top 10) — I love when the All Stars come on the show, and Chelsie Hightower is one of my all-time favorites. She’s such a beautiful ballroom dancer, and I wish she’d been able to whip some of those boys into shape (because the ballroom dancing was pretty lame this season). I thought Marko was the best boy this season though, and he did a beautiful job with Chelsie. I just think I liked it because it was her only dance this year.

5. Caitlynn and Marko’s Lyrical Jazz (Top 6) — This would probably be higher if it weren’t a Sonya Tayeh routine. She’s not my favorite as I feel like they overuse her, and a lot of her movements look the same to me. This was a pretty perfect routine as it proved to me that Caitlynn deserved to be in the Top 6, and Tayeh really brought it. Her use of the stage was gorgeous, and she picked the perfect song for such a heavy, emotional piece.

4. Sasha and Melanie’s Contemporary (Top 4) — I was not impressed by last night’s routines for the most part, and I’m usually not interested in same-sex routines as they rarely ever work. But this is the second routine that these two women have danced together, and they were both magnificent. I loved the costumes and the movement, the way they used the blocks, and the way they used each other. It was my favorite routine of the night, and it made me want to vote for Sasha, who is by far my favorite of the four.

3. Sasha and Twitch’s Hip-Hop (Top 10) — This dance did not get enough attention in my opinion. And, yes, the Top 10 night was amazing. But Sasha and Twitch together in this slow-motion lyrical-esque hip-hop was brilliant and sexy. I felt it really showed her in her element, now that she was taken away from Alexander (who definitely held her back all season). Twitch was beautiful as ever, and they really don’t use Christopher Scott enough for choreography.

2. Clarice and Jess’s Foxtrot (Top 16) — I don’t think I’ve ever loved a foxtrot as much as this one. It was classic, yet sexy, and Clarice and Jess showed real chemistry with each other. It was also the first time that both dancers really showed what they were capable of, and I fully believe that Clarice should’ve had a longer life on the show than she did, because she was the one who showed real progress with her partner and with herself. Jess was also one of the bright spots on the show and one of the only guys with a likeable personality.

1. Caitlynn and Pasha’s Argentine Tango (Top 10) — I will admit that Argentine tango is my favorite style the show has ever done. I loved Chelsie and Joshua’s, Lauren and Pasha’s and Janette and Brandon’s. Caitlynn’s was right up there at the top, and anything Pasha does is perfect. Since she was the only one to do one all season, that officially makes her my favorite dance of the show. She was poised, sexy, and strong, and I honestly don’t know that the other dancers could’ve pulled this dance off.


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