Top 10 Anticipated Fall Shows

I love lists. And since I won’t have as much time to watch television in law school as I did in undergrad, I’m going to have to prioritize my shows. I’ve come up with this list of which shows I’m most anticipating starting up this month and next. This is a list of shows both old and new, basically which first episodes I’m most excited for.

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10. “2 Broke Girls” (Sept. 19 on CBS at 8:30) – The new pilots for sitcoms actually look pretty good (and I’m not a comedy person), but this is one of two that stands out to me. Kat Dennings is hilarious, and it was developed by Whitney Cummings who I’ve seen on “Chelsea Lately.” I think it could be really funny, without unraveling into petty female drama like so many shows for and about women do.

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9. “Suburgatory” (Sept. 28 on ABC at 8:30) – This is the other sitcom on my list, and it looks to be making fun of dramas like “Desperate Housewives.” All the critics say it’s the funniest sitcom, despite the terrible name. Plus, it’s got some great female comedians like Cheryl Hines and Ana Gasteyer signed on. I’m actually impressed by how many sitcoms are geared towards women including this one and “2 Broke Girls, “New Girl,” “Up All Night,” and “Whitney.” I doubt I’ll be able to keep up with all of them.

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8. “Person of Interest” (Sept. 22 on CBS at 9:00) – I’m still not sure about this one, but I give everything J.J. Abrams a chance. Personally “Alcatraz,” premiering at mid-season, looks more intriguing to me than this crime show about a man who develops a system to predict the perpetrator of a future crime. The cast is good with Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel leading it up, but some reviews have said the pilot is merely average, not nearly as exciting as some of Abrams’ earlier work. CBS is taking a huge chance this year moving this to the slot that “CSI” has occupied for over 10 years, and they seem to be expanding their repertoire from reality television and crime shows which should be applauded.

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7. “The Vampire Diaries” (Sept. 15 on CW at 8:00) – I love this show. I’m pretty sure it’s this low on my list because I’m ashamed to show just how much I love it. But they really hit  a stride last season with the Klaus drama, and I’m excited to see where it goes. I’m also a sucker for love triangles, and I’m glad they’ve finally set it up so Damon and Elena can explore their relationship (I never bought that she would only love Stefan). We also lost a lot of main characters (RIP Aunt Jenna) and got a lot of surprises (Jeremy’s ghosts?). I can’t wait to see how they up the drama even further.

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6. “American Horror Story” (Oct. 5 on FX at 10:00) – This looks like such a weird show, and I’m not the biggest Ryan Murphy fan (especially after he ran “Glee” into the ground). It’s really only on my list because it’s Connie Britton‘s return to television after “Friday Night Lights” got canceled last year. I just hope that the scare factor doesn’t override the performances and a good dramatic story. This could be one of the biggest flops though, just because everything looks incredibly dark.

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5. “The Walking Dead” (Oct. 16 on AMC at 10:00) – I thought this show was really great last season (probably the best new thing last year), and if there was a dip in quality in the later episodes, I think that’s because they had such little time (and budget) to do what they wanted to. They’ve had a lot of drama with the replacement of the show-runner  midway through filming this upcoming season, but judging from the Season 2 promo, the quality looks to have gone up from last season. It’s not for everyone because of the gore factor, but the storytelling is right up there with great AMC dramas like “Mad Men.”

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4. “Once Upon a Time” (Oct. 23 on ABC at 8:00) – This is one of two “fairy tale” shows premiering this fall season (the other being “Grimm“), and this definitely looks the best of the two. Some critics say it’s a “love it or hate it” proposition, but those are exactly the types of shows I like (things like “Pushing Daisies“). It’s got good talent, especially with the fairy tale characters (Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White!), and there are two producers from “Lost,” one of my all-time favorites, behind this one.

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3. “Hell on Wheels” (Nov. 6 on AMC) – This is the one I know the least about as it’s not set to premiere until November. But, I love everything Western, and there have been some comparisons to HBO’s “Deadwood.” I loved that show, but it often got off track and had way too much going on in terms of subplots (I can’t even recall what the main plot was, or if there was one). I know AMC has had some problems creativity-wise with “Rubicon” being plucked off the air and the debacle that turned out to be “The Killing.” Maybe they can get back on track with something like this.

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2. “Fringe” (Sept. 23 on FOX at 9:00) – Now we’re getting to my two favorite shows that air in the fall. I actually stopped watching “Fringe” for a long time because I felt they were too up and down between the overarching story being told and the procedural elements of a cop show. However, I picked it back up earlier this year, and I’m glad I did, because Season 3 really hit its stride in terms of going all out with the science fiction. Where we ended, Peter joined together the two worlds, and then disappeared as if he never existed. I can’t wait to figure out how they resolve this one.

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1. “The Good Wife” (Sept. 25 on CBS at 9:00) – “The Good Wife,” along with “Justified,” is the most consistently good show on television right now. They pick a story for the entire season, and they know just how to stretch it out without any filler episodes. Every moment feels necessary, and pretty much all of the cases are compelling. Julianna Margulies‘ performance is what takes this show to the next level and makes it my favorite in the fall. I just want to know how her life changes post-affair with her boss Will, which I hope will be covered in the opening minutes of the pilot.


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