Fall TV Roundup #1

Fall television has started! And I finished all my work last weekend, so I could check out all the premieres I wanted. Don’t know if that will happen, but I’m going to try really hard…

“Ringer” — I had to at least watch the first episode. I’m not drinking the Sarah Michelle Gellar Kool-Aid the way everyone else is, so I thought this pilot was pretty terrible. Without SMG starring, I don’t think it would’ve even been picked up to shoot. While I admit that I was intrigued about the weird switcheroo between the twins (what’s Siobhan’s endgame?), I know that the CW can rarely sustain good storylines; they instead tend to drag things out to infinity. I’m just not even going to let it suck me in to its crappiness. Oh, and those special effects. WTH, CW?

“Parenthood” — I’m so glad this show is back. It’s really one of the most underrated things on television. I do agree that they could really dig in to something juicy (make Crosby and Adam’s idea to open a recording studio stretch the entire season!), and they need to do something with Joel and Julia. They are part of the family, so they should actually interact with their family. But, this show has so much heart, like when Haddie’s boyfriend admits to Julia that he’s been in jail before. “Parenthood” just has these beautiful moments that all families have had, and it’s these moments that occasionally elevate the show from good to great.

“America’s Next Top Model” — I’m not going to say much about this, probably because I’m ashamed I still watch this show. This season is All Stars though, so there’s about ten times as much drama as any other season. It’s going to be hilarious.

“Up All Night” — I actually didn’t plan on watching this one, but it came on right after ANTM. I actually didn’t think it was that funny, but I do like seeing Will Arnett and Christina Applegate play off of each other. All in all though, it was a pretty mediocre pilot, and I find it hard to see how they’re going to sustain this energy around having a new baby as funny.

“The Vampire Diaries” — Yesssssss, finally great television. Now when you think of something on the CW that has vampires in it, it doesn’t necessarily trigger “great television” in your mind. But this is. I swear. They know how to write a dramatic arc, and they’re not afraid to kill off favorite characters when the occasion calls for it. It’s sexy, funny, sweet and sad all at the same time.  And I cannot wait for the relationship between Damon and Elena to finally take off (I’m praying that it does).

“The Secret Circle” — I’m actually really happy that they used ‘Diaries’ as a lead-in to this one. The pilot isn’t quite there in terms of great supernatural teen drama, but I remember not liking the first episode of ‘Diaries’ either. I do love Britt Robertson though, and I think this one has a lot of potential to make for a great double feature on Thursday nights.

“New Girl” — I downloaded the free pilot on iTunes for this one, and I was not sorry I did. I’m much more enthusiastic about this show now that I’ve seen the first episode because is a revelation. Her character is so nerdy and clueless — I initially thought they’d play up the cool, hipster vibe Deschanel gives off. You cannot help but fall in love with this show, even if you don’t like Zooey already. Probably my favorite new show so far.


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