Fall TV Roundup #2

Courtesy of buddytv.com

Here we go again with the new shows I watched this week (and it was a busy week!)

“2 Broke Girls” on CBS — Loved this. It’s up there as my favorite new show, fighting with “New Girl” for first place. I’m incredibly surprised that I like two sitcoms the best, but everything else just isn’t doing it for me. Kat Dennings is hilarious, and I think the dynamic between her and Beth Behrs is electric. Anyone who has ever had a friend that’s completely different for you knows this dynamic can be mined for comedic gold.

“Modern Family” on ABC — Okay, I do love this show. But I don’t know if I’m as impressed with it as I used to be. Something I’ve noticed about sitcoms is that they start off with stand-alone episodes, but they eventually develop overarching storylines that can be followed throughout the entire season (Jim and Pam in Season 2 of “The Office” is the best example I can think of). ‘Family’ has yet to do that, instead sticking with their standalone episodes. I want to see a little bit of drama come in because, for me, comedy can only sustain me so long.

“Revenge” on ABC — This show is my favorite new drama so far, but that’s not saying much as it’s really the only one I’ve liked so far. I’m just happy to see Madeleine Stowe, an actress that, for some reason, I recognize from my childhood. My parents thought it was a good idea to show their 5-year-old “Bad Girls.” Anyway, I’m at least intrigued by how the revenge drama is going to turn out, but because it’s ABC, it will probably just devolve into soap opera ugliness like everything else the network touches.

“Charlie’s Angels” on NBC — I really wanted to like this. Minka Kelly is a “Friday Night Lights” alum and Rachael Taylor has incredible charisma. The third Angel, Annie Ilonzeh, I haven’t heard of, but she’s very beautiful. It was just so boring. I didn’t buy that these women were undercover agents, maybe with the exception of Taylor. The action scenes were pretty basic, most of which you couldn’t even see. Hopefully it will get better, but I have my serious doubts.

“Grey’s Anatomy” on ABC  — I just wish this show would stop these silly, dramatic disasters that occur and stick to what they’re good at it: the relationship drama and the humor that comes from it. The scenes with Christina and Owen were heartbreaking, and I’m on the edge of my seat to see how it turns out with Meredith and Derek. What I don’t care about is the guy cutting off his wife’s leg. Seriously, I fast forwarded through it. I’ve stuck with the show for eight seasons, so I won’t stop now, but I’m rolling my eyes at the stupidity.

“Person of Interest” on CBSJ.J. Abrams‘ output has been seriously disappointing lately, culminating in this mess of a pilot. It’s so cliched how Jim Caviezel’s character has lost his wife and is now drowning in self-pity, while Michael Emerson‘s has a mysterious past, along with his weird limp. It’s all just so blah. And I saw that twist with Natalie Zea coming from a mile away (good use of a “Justified” alum though).

“Whitney” on NBC — I’m on the fence about this sitcom, but I did chuckle a couple of times. I want more from this long-term relationship comedy. Whitney Cummings‘ acting leaves something to be desired, unless she’s mouthing off to someone in her loud, obnoxious way. I really do love her comedy though, so I’ll try to keep up with it.

“Nikita” on CW — Now this is crappy television I can get behind. And “Charlie’s Angels” should take notes on how to shoot action scenes. Maggie Q has training in martial arts, and it shows. She’s a badass, and I can’t wait to see more. Lynsey Fonseca is also getting a lot more to do than in the Season 1, and she’s an excellent young actress who deserves this chance. And with the love story between Q and Shane West moving front and center, I wish the CW hadn’t put this on Friday where its death is predicted to come soon.

“Fringe” on FOX — I was so excited to see this show come back, so I think it’s incredibly fair that the season premiere let me down. I can’t expect them to explain Peter’s disappearance right away, but I like where we’re going. I’m curious as to what’s been changed since Peter has disappeared, so I’m reserving judgment on this one for a later date.


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